The War on Terror




I do not believe the United States Government as the governing body of   America caused the events of 9-11-01.  I do believe that there are without a doubt criminals within the government and nation who orchestrated and carried out the event.  The mix of public and private entities has further confused the line between good forces and evil forces.  People working for private corporations have government security clearance and top secret information regarding government activities, such as a training exercise on Sept 11th 2001 simulating the hijacking of commercial airlines.  It is much more likely a “insider” exploited this than men in a cave.    The immense amount of coincidences, anomalies, and physical firsts(thermal expansion)  are too bizarre to let the media and 911 Commission’s versions become the record of history.

Loose Change video below, if you only believe 10% of what issues this video brings up, you will be obligated to support a new investigation into 9-11.

Good Info in this one

Why is it that when a foreign terrorist acts out against the US, the laws are changed for the Citizens in order to protect us from the foreigners.  The defense of the Homeland is a Federal Government requirement, yet we have open borders between America and Mexico, while our troops kill anyone entering Afghanistan from Pakistan or Iraq.   Does this make sense?


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