War on Drugs

American Drug War by Kevin Booth.

An excellent look into the debate over the War on Drugs focused on the hypocrisy of the Government’s involvement in the drug trade including the  CIA smuggling cocaine into the US as well as how Mainstream Media and Government at the same time demonize and build prisons for their citizens.

Unless the Afghan Farmers have private planes that fly around the world… the drugs are being smuggled out with assistance of forces working under cover of the United States Government.  There is simply no other explanation on how cargo planes full of drugs get out of a war zone without cover and defense from the US Troops or Private Contractors.  The evidence is here.  In 2001 the Taliban destroyed most of the opium crop and after the attacks on 9/11 the US invaded and overthrew the Taliban starting October 7, 2001.  The opium production went back through the roof.  Graph below.

Was 9/11 used as a pretext to gain back control of the most lucrative opium growing region in the world?


US Forces guarding drug fields


Rick Simpson Hemp Oil Cure Video



Ron Paul on Drugs

Joe Rogan on Marijuana and DMT


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