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Lyndon LaRouche

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Food for Thought

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1.  The United States of America has labeled it’s own territory a “battleground” and has the right according to an unconstitutional law passed by Barack Obama, to arrest and imprison US citizens without charges Indefinitely.

2.  Spy drones are being deployed over the United States of America.

3.  Iraq did not possess Weapons of Mass Destruction.

4.  The 9/11 Hijackers were from Saudi Arabia and trained at US Military bases.

5.  The Federal Reserve and the Internal Revenue Service were created at the same time.

6.  The Federal Reserve is owned by Global Mega Banks not the US People.

7.  London bankers manipulated LIBOR and were recently caught.

8.  Building 7 fell at free fall speed and was not hit by an airplane, on afternoon of 9/11

9.  China kills or forcibly aborts second born children of low income families.

10.  The Aurora Movie Theater shooter received over 20,000 dollars from the US Government to study mind control.

11.  Mega Banks claimed ownership of the media 50 years ago.

12.  President Dwight Eisenhower warned us of a Military Industrial Complex in 1961

13.  Afghanistan is the number 1 opium producer in the entire world, how does it reach our streets?

14.  Bin Laden worked for the US Government to fight the Soviet Union, he was our asset.

15.  NORAD stood down on 9/11, when planes are hijacked or veer off course, military jets are scrambled immediately.  Where were the fighter jets?

16.  Donald Rumsfeld announced 2 trillion dollars was missing from the Pentagon on September 10th 2001

17.  You work 3 months of of the year for FREE to pay your federal and state taxes

18.  The United States is running budget deficits of 1 trillion dollars and currently is 16.5 trillion dollars in debt

19.  The Diamond Cartel has been using advertising techniques perfected over 75 years to sell you a stone that they have warehouses and warehouses full of and if it was subject to free competition be much less valuable.

20.  The United States Dollar is actually called a Federal Reserve Note.  It is a debt instrument backed by promises.

21.  The Department of Homeland Security has ordered over 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition, some of which are hollow point rounds(if for target shooting and training, why get the more expensive ammunition.)

22.  Ron Paul was laughed at by the Main Stream media for pointing out the hypocrisy of 100 years foreign and domestic policies of the USA

23.  The health insurance companies helped write Obama-Care for their personal control of the system sanctioned by Government for private wealth generation.

24.  3% of the money supply is actual bills, it’s almost all digital.

25.   LIBOR sets interest rates, car loans, mortgages, credit card rates and countless other financial products and it’s manipulation is a very serious crime.

26.  50 million African American babies have been aborted since Roe vs Wade.

27.  “Liberal” run cities have the highest crime and murder rates.

28.   The underwear bomber did not have a passport or visa, he paid for a 1-way ticket in cash and it was admitted in Congress he was let on the plane by  a US “Intelligence” agency.

29.  There are around 40 murder/suicide mysteries surrounding Bill and Hillary Clinton.

30.  Barack Obama never released his college transcripts.

31.  Alex Jones predicted 9/11 by studying the media and how the MSM operate.  Google it.

32.  Andrew Jackson publicly despised Central Banking, yet his face is on the 20 dollar bill.

33.  Donald Rumsfeld was the key reason for the approval of aspartame as a sugars substitute.  This is a known poison.

34.  The second amendment was created in the event that the Federal Government becomes a criminal mafia.

35.  There was no noticeable wreckage or titanium jet engines found in PA and at the Pentagon on 9/11.

36.  Social Security is only as good as your ability to control inflation in prices.

37.  Former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff was a consultant for Naked Body Scanner manufacturers and highlighted on national media that they could have prevented the Underwear Bomber.  See 28.

38.  The Army confiscated firearms after Hurricane Katrina from law abiding citizens protecting their property.

39.  Police forces are increasingly being militarized and are taking on characteristics of an armed aggressive force.

39.  The United States Government confiscated Americans lawfully owned gold in 1933.

40.  The drug war has failed.

41.  The US has the largest prison population in the world.

42.  There has been 70,000 murders related to drug violence in Mexico over the last 5 years.

43.  Companies in China build suicide nets around their I-phone factories.

44.  British special forces were captured after shooting police in Iraq, dressed as Arabs.

45.  If the threats in the world were so great to justify the trillions in defense spending; wouldn’t the government want their citizens armed.

46.  The German govt controls Europe through monetary actions and powers that removes sovereignty of member nations.

47.  Europe has been in a constant banking crisis for 5 years with no end in sight.

48.  The Japanese Stock Market has been in continuous decline for 20  years.

49.  Barack Obama does not write or memorize his own speeches; he isn’t transparent and doesn’t care about your civil liberties.

50.  Fire has never caused the full structural collapse of sky scrappers at gravity, absence of resistance to the downward mass.