Wake up America

Posted: June 28, 2012 in Uncategorized

The modern global financial system is a ponzi scheme backed by paper debt in the form of treasury bonds and US Federal Reserve Notes.  Americans (some of us) work everyday paying interest on this debt in the form of personal income taxes.  It is no coincidence that wage income became taxable at the same time the Federal Reserve System was created.  It was created by European and American banking families to control the issue of credit in the system.  Please wake up out of your slumber America, reserve currencies do not last and when the Dollar bubble bursts, the cost of living will spiral out of control.   I fear that the dependent society we have created in the name of helping our fellow man will not be able to handle this shock.  This could be the reason the Dept of Homeland Security has purchased 450 million rounds of ammunition and that US troop brigades are being trained how to drive in American cities.


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