ATTN: House and Senate of the “United States” of America

Posted: April 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

American Home Owner Devalued Currency Protection Plan

The people of the United States propose legislation to allow for the controlled reduction to Total Mortgage Principal based on Federal Reserve Board actions that are intentionally devaluing the currency in which the home owner is required by law to repay the balance of the home loan.   It is estimated that the Federal Reserve Board is holding 90% of Home Mortgages in it’s holdings at the Federal Reserve Bank.  Further damage is being done to the American economy by allowing the creation of more and more money into the system, the impacts have been deadly around the world from years of a private organisation having the right by Law to regulate the value of “our” currency.  It is not a United States Note anymore, its a Federal Reserve Note(which they own,not you).


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