Pre 9/11 History

Posted: September 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

The evidence has been presented and can not be refuted.  Building 7 is the smoking gun of the 9-11 conspiracy.    Free Fall Speed , the  Absence of Resistance; meaning the steel columns were removed from the flow of the downward mass of the building allowing the free fall.

The below videos contain clips of news in the Pre 9/11 World, a world where the Department of Defense could not account for over 2 trillion dollars in one budget year.  After 9/11, any talk of this disappeared.  In the hearings regarding 9/11, repeatedly the DOD restricted the access of vital information to the commission yet there are people who still think you are crazy for questioning the Government’s version of 9/11/01

All the above points to the fact we are dealing with two governments.  One on record and somewhat accountable to the public and the other completely  lawless and taken over by private interests seeking illegal control of the globe.


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