Ron Paul can win the Republican Nomination in 2012

Posted: July 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

This censored Fox News clip is precisely why fed up Republicans will support Ron Paul come 2012.  Expect more hit pieces against him as the Ron Paul Revolution continues.

I think this video is relevant for a few reasons.  It shows the importance of the internet to save historical information.  It becomes very useful to the citizen in deciding who to vote for when you have a visual history of debates, interviews, etc of each candidate.  It worries me to see all the recent cybersecurity legislation being slipped through under the scare tactic of hackers and terrorists trying to blow up power plants.  Without the law protecting internet freedom, we have no real freedom or access to non-state run or approved media.  The internet will lose it’s value to society if a few corporations are in control of content and infrastructure.


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